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AC Milan Prepares for Early Test

Nobody ever said it would be easy for AC Milan this upcoming year.  In fact after watching the club in the warmup tournament, the World Football Challenge, nobody said much about AC Milan at all.  The club lost all three of those matches in July(Inter, Chelsea, America), but the good news is that none of those preseason matches mattered and several of the players involved in the tournament were not in peak physical shape or even on the squad yet.  But that will all change tomorrow on August 22 because football will be back in Serie A

AC Milan faces off in a critical first match against Siena who was a mediocre squad last season. Siena finished in fourteenth place last season; whereas AC Milan finished in third place.  But the obvious question is can the club win without their focal point in the middle of the pitch? Kaka was not only the leading scorer last year, but he controlled the offensive pace with his vision and decision making in the center.  Without Kaka many games last year that wear easy victories just got that much harder.

AC Milan needs a first week win for many reasons besides the obvious one being that they are facing an easy opponent.  In week two Milan will face off against rivals Inter.  The returning champs have something to prove this season and with Eto’o joining the squad to fill the Ibrahimovic void, they likely will show the world that they are among the best.  AC Milan needs a win this weekend because they will likely lose in week two.