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AC Milan Great Weah To Run For Presidency Again

George Weah a former Milan striker, FIFA World Player of the Year, Ballon d’or winner and African Footballer of the year has yet again expressed his desire to run for his country’s presidency. This will be the  second time Weah is running for Liberia’s top seat after losing to current president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf  in the 2005 election.

Just a few weeks ago, Wyclef Jean a former member of rap group the Fugees also declared his interest in running for president of his native Haiti. Now, as we all know, both these celebrities have been actively involved in humanitarian work in their countries, however, aren’t they a little too ambitious?

Take Liberia for example, the incumbent Madame Johnson-Sirleaf, is an accountant by Profession who has worked for some of the world’s biggest financial organisations. Her educational background is a marvel to behold. She holds degrees from Harvard and Yale, two of the world’s best universities.

Weah on the other hand is former professional football born in the Clara town slum of Monrovia. Being one of the only few players from Liberia to have played at the highest level, Weah, spent most of his money trying to improve the national team to the extent of even paying his own team mates when the government failed to give their dues.

His passion and heart for his people cannot be doubted however, it takes more than passion and heart to lead a country especially one that is still recovering from the ravages of war.

My personal advise to both Weah and Jean, is to continue with their philanthropic work. You do not have to be th president to make a difference. And to be honest, who would want a rapper for a president anyway?

Liberia’s next election will be held in October 2011. Having won an impressive 40.6 per cent of the vote in 2005, Weah’s appeal cannot be unerestimated. Madame Johnson-Sirleaf made history when she became the first elected female president of Liberia, Weah could also re-write the books as the first professional footballer to be elected president.

Photo credit: from Saintamedear