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Ac Milan Admit Interest On Aquilani

IMG_0114Ac Milan search for a midfielder continues after latest rumors about Riccardo Montolivo and Cesc Fabregas appeared, the Rossoneri seems to add another name in the mix after the Serie A champion’s vice president, Adriano Galliani, finally admitted an interest for Alberto Aquilani.

Speaking with the press ahead of the Red and Black squad’s departure to China for the Super Cup encounter, Galliani didn’t rule out a potential move for Aquilani, who is also highly linked with a move to Fiorentina.

“We could talk about Aquilani. He’s a midfielder with the characteristics that we are looking for so, like with other players in his role, he could be of interest,” Galliani said.

This statement pretty much canceled out the vice president’s earlier talks saying Aquilani was never a target and considering Galliani’s latest words arrives in August, a move for the player is believed to be made soon. Rumors have even spreading that a deal might be concluded right after the Italian Super Cup as Milan reportedly ready to make a loan deal with a buy out obligation, meaning unlike Juventus last season, the Rossoneri will have to buy the midfielder in the season after the player’s arrival.

Should Milan are really serious in making a bid for Aquilani, the Rossoneri could very well beat Fiorentina’s competition as the Serie A champion can simply offer the pretty high wages the midfielder is earning. Moreover, considering  Milan’s needs for a quality ball playing midfielder, the ex-Roma player’s chance to earn a regular starting spot is very big indeed, something that could easily catch the midfielder’s interest.

However, the mysteriousness of Milan’s movement in the market makes things can’t really be 100% confirmed as just yet since the Rossoneri’s  recent confirmation about interest in Aquilani could also be a coy to pressure Fiorentina for Montolivo. Still, normally when Galliani already confirmed a possibility after previously denying things, a real move could very well on the cards, so another patient wait should be done by the Milanisti before they can really celebrate their club’s new signing.
Creative Commons License photo credit: mattythewhite