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A Twist of Fate

Quel simpaticone di WesleyAfter having such a glorious year at club level, helping Inter Milan winning the treble last season, Dutch midfielder, Wesley Sneijder looks ready to lead his country for a World Cup glory in South Africa. This fine showing for both country and club have eventually set the midfielder as a top candidate to win the upcoming best player award, the new FIFA-Ballon d’Or, which recently has been combined into one award.

The acknowledgment of Sneijder’s possibilities as the Ballon d’Or winner was written on France Football magazine, the initiator of the award, the magazine wrote an interesting statement that pretty much approved the 26-years-old place as one of the awards’ candidates. Surely, should the former Real Madrid player manage to take Holland cruising on their first World Cup glory this year, the inspirational midfielder would be the prime candidate to win the award.

“Champagne this season for Sneijder after the triumphant Inter campaign and his excellent performance so far in the World Cup.” read the writings in France Football. “He has been so impressive that the Dutchman becomes a prime candidate for the Ballon d’Or.

If what the article predicted becomes a reality, it would what people called as a twist of fate for Sneijder as just before the start of last season, his future is still on doubt due to his position at Real Madrid. As many have known, the dutch player was practically being thrown away by Madrid after they manage to acquire the likes of Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo. The midfielder was finally sold to Inter with a considerably lower price compare to what Los Blancos payed to sign him from Ajax Amsterdam.

Being treated like a useless player, the 26-years-old looked keen in proving his worth, not only to Madrid but also for those who considers him as a flop at the Spanish giant. With his skills and vision Sneijder didn’t need a long time in showing what he’s made of, not only becoming a key figure in Inter’s treble winning, so far he has also play an important role for his country’s success in the World Cup.

Who would’ve thought that a wasted talent,who wasn’t being consider being on the same class as Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo could have a chance to overcome their achievement this season, not only in a club level but also in the International stage. Even if he fails to lead his country to glory, the former Ajax player’s achievement this season has been more than enough to show that he is a player with a class of his own.

Creative Commons License photo credit: alemaxale