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A Sonnet for Sepp

The post I wrote about Shakespeare earlier got me in the mood to write a sonnet like the Bard used to back in the day. Instead of dedicating this sonnet to my beloved lady, I chose someone who I don’t exactly see eye-to-eye with normally. Well, make that never. This one’s for you Sepp, I really hope you like it:

In 1936, a Swiss boy was born and his unusual name was Sepp Blatter.

He’d later be leader of the soccer world, though he was as mad as a hatter.

His rise was quick, propelled by his lust for money, power and fame.

His tenure’s been long and destructive, a true threat to the beautiful game.

In 1998, he controversially won his first FIFA presidential election.

In 2002, he won again because his corruption still evaded detection.

In 2006, he kept his job when no one would run from all the nations’ tribes.

His lack of opponents was likely related to his ability to dispense bribes.

His rule changes, like the “silver goal”, were hatched by the mind of a knave.

He’s always been prone to acting foolish, referring to Ronaldo as a “slave”.

His suggestions to promote the women’s game have met with many retorts.

I guess ladies don’t like it much when you suggest they “wear tighter shorts”.

Sepp rules soccer with secrecy, sleaze and an unquenchable thirst for clout.

If his reign ever ends, I will surely rejoice when FIFA finally kicks him out!