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A Mature Ibra

SOCCER-ITALY/Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s arrival at Ac Milan this summer has already been considered as one of the most important transfer this season and it could really turn into a successful signing for the Rossoneri especially seeing the striker’s recent transformation.

Being known as a brilliant individual player, recently Ibra has change his attitude into becoming more of a team player that sacrifice more for the club’s success rather than individual achievement.

Ibrahimovic himself admitted the current transformation that he’s having in a recent interview with La Gazzetta delo Sport stating how he has changed his way of thinking in playing this days compared to few years ago. The Swede international also acknowledge the importance of team work thinking that if he can help his teammates he is already pleased without having to do things own his own again.

“I am now looking to work a lot for the team.At the start of your career you want to get yourself recognised and you are more individualist, then you understand that the group is more important than the individual and that you can only go far with the team,” When my teammates are happy, I am happy too. Because when I join a team I kill myself for my teammates. If they win, I win too. “

It doesn’t really take a long research in seeing the prove of Ibra’s maturity as on Milan’s latest game against Chievo the evidence is crystal clear, the big Swede give two excellent assist to his partner in crime up front, Alexandre Pato. More than that, there’s also another masterclass pass that he made for the Brazilian starlet just minutes before the first half ends on that game, unfortunately the 20-years-old had his shot saved by the away team’s keeper.

Taking a further step back, since playing in Milan, there’s definitely something different from Ibrahimovic’s fiery and individualist character, he’s becoming a bit soften this days and work harder on the pitch. Although he doesn’t looked to be 100% fit as just yet, the former Barcelona striker seems to find a new happiness playing in Italy once again, surely many would hope that it will last till the very end of the season.

Should this kind of mentality can be kept by the ex-Inter and Juventus star this season, the chance for Milan in getting rewards this season are very big as with Ibra’s commitment in playing more as a team player, the chance of witnessing dazzling strikers combination in Milan are bigger. Moreover, with his maturity the chance for the 29-years-old to get the personal awards his been missing might be more than a dream as long as he keep working and helping his club to achieve success.

photo credit: Sa7er-Ktolnea