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A Few Things I Am Thankful For This Serie A Season

Happy Thanksgiving folks! And if you are from another country other than the USA and therefore don’t celebrate the holiday then my apologies.

But to be honest we all have things to be thankful for and that is the real point of the holiday. So without further adieu here are a few things I am thankful for this Serie A season:

1)      Inter Is Bad

Okay, Inter isn’t bad their just not great so far this season. I’m not usually the type of sports fan to root against any particular team, but in Inter’s case the time has come for a new Serie A champion and it looks like this could be the season that breaks the streak. Now there is still plenty time for a comeback, but at least this season will not be a walk in the park for last year’s historic treble winners.    

2)      AC Milan Is Good

Similar to my first entry, I am thankful for AC Milan’s rise to promise. I’m no more a Ac Milan fan than an Inter fan, but it’s nice to see another powerhouse team manhandle Inter for the first time really in years in Serie A football. You knew when they brought in Robinho and Ibra that they would make a title run, but it appears they are the new Inter at least this season and that is refreshing for the league.

3)      Lazio

Lazio has reminded us all that any team on a hot streak can accomplish top four stuff. Their coach has continued to stress that they hope to end the season in the top 6 and not the top 4, plenty of their players are transfer targets for bigger fish this January and next summer, but the small market club continues to defy the odds and win matches that they were not supposed too. Second place results so far this season is amazing.

4)      No Players Strike

Most of all I am thankful that there is Serie A football. Earlier this season it was not a guarantee that we would see very much football in Italy, but at least the players and league were able to settle most of their disagreements and hopefully we avoid a strike in the future.