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A Few Things I am Thankful For This La Liga Season

Happy Thanksgiving folks! And if you are from another country other than the USA and therefore don’t celebrate the holiday then my apologies.

But to be honest we all have things to be thankful for and that is the real point of the holiday. So without further adieu here are a few things I am thankful for this La Liga season:

1)      Jose Mourinho

I am thankful that Jose Mourinho has joined Real Madrid. I think his addition to the organization has leveled the playing field between the two rivals and I think he is currently the best coach in the world. Also I am thankful for all the hilarious things the Special One says. He “may not be Harry Potter”, but at least his players aren’t “dead to him” this holiday season. But Mourinho has made La Liga football that much more interesting this season.

2)      Messi and Ronaldo

I am thankful that La Liga has the very two best players in the world around. Messi and Ronaldo have a combined 35 goals this season and 1/3 of the season has yet to expire. What these two fantastic players are doing is historic and when it is all said and done these two footballers may be in the top five best ever in history. But the Barca-Real Madrid rivalry has only been enhanced with these two unbelievable performers.

3)      Giuseppe Rossi and Villarreal

Rossi is proving to the world that we Yanks can in fact play soccer. Not only does Rossi regularly play for a respectable squad, but he is enjoying a fantastic year third only to Messi and Ronaldo in total goals. Even better for the young Yank, he was recently named the captain of Italy’s national team when they played in a November friendly. Can we have him back now?

4)      This Monday Night

Most of all I thankful for the fact that this Monday night, Barcelona will play against Real Madrid in el clasico. What more could you want then that?