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A Different Angle On Arsenal v. Barca

Little MunchinCesc’s attitude could win the day.

Cesc Fabregas seems to feel differently about playing Barca than Thierry Henry has about playing Cesc’s side.  In fact, he seems much more confident.  Where Henry looked like he was wanted to lay and die Fabregas seems much more sure about his club’s chances in the Champion’s League.

“If you want to win this competition, you have to beat everyone who is coming. If we had been drawn against Bordeaux or Lyon we would have taken it the same way. Barcelona is a great team, but we always go with the same mentality and that is to win.  We are going to play against the best team in Europe, probably in the world. The boys are really looking forward to it as it is another opportunity to play against a great team in a great stadium. It will be very exciting.”

I think Fabregas needs to give some of his confidence to Henry because Cesc has the right idea.  He knows that they have a chance to win the Champion’s League and in order to win the Champion’s League they would have had to have seen Barca eventually–so instead of complaining about the draw he just took the match like a man.

This is the difference in leadership that is carrying Arsenal and Henry should be praising Leo Messi for leading Barca where he clearly cannot.

I fully anticipate wins from Barca, but I will give Cesc Fabregas credit for not laying down and accepting defeat.  He’ll fight to the end, but Messi and company are probably too much.

Creative Commons License photo credit: wonker