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6 La Liga Matches…That's Alot!

So, Cristiano Ronaldo is out up to 4 weeks (which will include 6 matches with Real Madrid) with “an ankle”.  I wish I knew what was really wrong with him, but when you’re 24 “an ankle” might just mean it hurts…who knows.  I have some thoughts…if you’re Portuguese, a Real fan, or sensitive I might really tick you off:

1)  I’m really leaning towards the idea that “an ankle” means “it hurts”.  Listen, if this guy were older, had kids, a family, he might be playing through this.  You know why?  Well, because if you’re a grown man with kids who plays sports for a living you’ll run through anyone to get paid.  I’m not saying he’s not trying (he’s clearly a great player) but how bad is it really?  He couldn’t emotionally get his team through a match against Sevilla:  how can we expect him to pull up his bootstraps? (Man U was 230-70-55 when he was there.  He had 264 appearances and we can only assume that many of the 70 losses came when he wasn’t playing.  He’s got to understand that he MUST get it together or teams he plays for can’t win.)

2)  This is the the next phase of my prediction coming true.  Real Madrid is in for a tailspin.  They won’t lose ALL 6 matches that he doesn’t play in, but I bet you they lose 4.

3)  I STILL want to see someone on Madrid’s roster step up and take time from the great Cristiano Ronaldo.  Honestly, I want some (even younger) guy to step up, play well and demand a little time.  No one is getting put in FOR Ronaldo, but you mught see someone playing alongside him who demands the ball. How does the Golden Boy handle that one?

4)  If Sevilla and Barca ever had a chance to jump on Real Madrid this is it.  You can win everything this early…but you can lose it.  What if Real Madrid lost all 6 of these matches?  Their season might well be in the can…