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38 Days To Kick-off

Will you be traveling to South Africa  for the World Cup? With only 38 days left until kick-off, statistics from an online poll show that a large percentage of football enthusiasts will not be going to South Africa because of the expensive costs involved. Just a few weeks back, FIFA had expressed its concern over the number of match tickets not yet sold with  500,000 of the total 2.7 million tickets still available at the start of the  fifth ticketing phase.

As you would guess, another major factor that has many people skeptical about traveling down south is the security issue. In fact according to the Goal .com poll this is the second reason why a majority of fans will not be traveling to  South Africa.

THE LOC (local organizing committee) has been forced to take precautionary measures such as giving free tickets to schools and charities to avoid shots of empty seats being beamed worldwide on international broadcasts.

Moreover, foreign ticket sales especially in Europe are down by 100,000 to 350,000 from the estimated 450,000. This is expected to greatly reduce the number of people expected for the month long tournament.

Despite this , FIFA president Sepp Blatter still maintains that the World Cup will be a fantastic event. So i ask again, will you be traveling to South Africa for the World Cup?

Photo credit: from Pyngodan