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STO 2010 World Cup Squads Series (SNEAK PEAK)

Have you ever player roulette? It’s probably the simplest casino game ever created. The entire game is based on probability. Some bettors are more conservative than others, preferring to play the odds/evens and red/black (or even the safer outside positions). But, the men who rake the most money are those who go “inside.” They are the ones who risk it all in order to maximize their winnings. Thus, roulette is very similar to the World Cup. After all…

A team must first be “inside” before it can even rake any chips. So, which squads have qualified for the world’s largest sporting spectacle (yes, that’s right NFL fans). Well, that is the purpose of this series. From January 2010 until the World Cup begins, we will be telling you about the teams that have booked their ticket for 2010 in South Africa. We will also be updating you on any notable nations that failed to receive an invitation to the Big Dance. By the time the series ends, you will be ready to place your bets.

Not that I am encouraging gambling mind you…

So, please come back to STO from January 2010 until the World Cup begins as we update you on the squads that will vie for glory at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Remember, the game of soccer – like the game of roulette – is based on momentum and probability. The ball of chance can fall on any number (aka team) on the inside of the table. I will tell you who those inside teams are, and then you need to decide if you want to roll the dice on them (wow, terrible mixed metaphor).

Just place your bets now, because soon we will all hear “rien ne va plus.”