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2010 MLS Power Rankings: Week 13

MLS Power Rankings (06/21) – Last Week’s Rank In Parenthesis

  1. LA Galaxy (1): Yes, they finally lost. It was inevitable, wasn’t it? 
  2. Real Salt Lake (4): A win over the cream of the crop has RSL rising.
  3. Columbus Crew (3): You don’t play, you don’t move. STO tradition.
  4. Colorado Rapids (2): COL did play, but a draw drops them this week.
  5. N.Y. Red Bulls (5): NYRB isn’t going anywhere though. They didn’t play.
  6. Toronto FC (6): Neither did TOR, so Preki finally took some “me time”. 
  7. S.J. Earthquakes (7): SJE didn’t play either. These Rules don’t make sense, huh?   
  8. FC Dallas (8): Know what also doesn’t make sense? A week when half the league is idle.
  9. Chicago Fire (9): CHI picked up one point at home, but they could have used more. 
  10. K.C. Wizards (12): KC wins with style (and a goal from Smith) so they move up.
  11. Houston Dynamo (11): HOU also was on hiatus last week (like SJE once was? No!). 
  12. Seattle Sounders (10): SEA sucked against DCU and should maybe fall farther.
  13. N.E. Revolution (13): NER didn’t play, but Ralston is back to rev up New England
  14. DC United (16): DCU rises (finally) after Chris Pontius finally came to play.
  15. Chivas USA (15): The Goats may be the team that is most glad to have not played. 
  16. Philly Union (14): PHI falls to the dungeon after a terrible defeat vs. the Wiz.

STO (& MFLS) Player of the Week:

Week 12: Chris Pontius (DCU)

Week 11: Michael Stephens (LAG)

Week 10: Dwayne De Rosario (TFC)

Week 9: Will Hesmer (CMB)

Week 8: Alvaro Saborio (RSL)

Week 7: Landon Donovan (LAG)

Week 6: Edson Buddle (LAG)

Week 5: Dwayne De Rosario (TFC)

Week 4: Mike Chabala (HOU)

Week 3: Zach Schilawski (NER)

Week 2: Kenny Mansally (NER)

Week 1: Javier Morales (RSL)

My MFLS Update:

It’s time to focus back on MLS as we have games this weekend. With MLS and WC going on, I am in soccer heaven. But before we talk about this weekend’s games, let’s take a short look back at the action that happened the week before last.

Week 12 was a strange one as only 8 teams plied their trade, but I certainly tried to make the most of it by burning 4 more of my precious transfers in order to field a full 11. I was hoping other teams would simply sit this week out and I could pick up some big points. Did my gamble pay off? I like to think that it did. In the Fantasy League, I notched 4 goals courtesy of my club, and I rose from #125 in the overall fantasy rankings to #84. Not too shabby if you ask me. Now, Week 13 poses some interesting matchups, so all WC crazy managers need to return their focus to MLS.

But, before Week 13 rolls around, let’s look at my performance after Week 12:

Out of 2,797 teams, I am currently: 

#84 in the Fantasy League; and

#38 in the Prediction League.

Here is how I stack up against the savvy managers in my historic MFLS division, USA vs. World.

Out of 30 teams, I am currently: 

#7 in the Fantasy League; and

#4 in the Prediction League.

Finally, here is my cup history for 2010:

Elite Cup: Eliminated in First Round by Ladanday Rovers FC.

Geographic Cup: Eliminated in First Round by EHS Wildcats.

MFLS Open Cup: Failed to Qualify.

Mug O’ Suds Cup: Failed to Qualify.

International Cup: Eliminated in Quarterfinals by SDFC Macross.

Previous Cups & Honors: None.

Yes, my MFLS Fantasy League trophy cabinet is still bare. I have had a little success in the Prediction League though. Last year, I finished in the Top 25 out of over 1,500 teams and in 2008 I finished in the Top 50 out of 2,250 teams. Unfortunately, my numbers in the Fantasy League have never been as good though, and I have never reached my main goal, which is to finish a season in the MFLS Top 100. I have been close though. In fact, I have just missed it a couple years in a row now, so I am hoping this is the year I can finally break through. Please wish my squad luck. We’ll need it.