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2010 World Cup Final Preview

FIFA World Cup TrophyTomorrow, the Netherlands will take on Spain for all the proverbial marbles at the 2010 World Cup Final. They have bested the rest from around the world in order to make it to this match, and the winners will not just become heroes to their fellow citizens, they will become legends before the entire globe. Now, I hope this Final concludes with just as much drama as the 2006 Final between Italy and France, though I do hope it features one less ugly headbutt.

More than one billion people will watch the Dutch take on the Red Fury, and the experience will have folks in every country in the world with their eyes glued to the TV screen (save for perhaps North Korea, where Kim Jong Il has probably outlawed all reports regarding the tournament other than those proclaiming his side the winner). For those lucky people who get to actually sit inside the stadium as the match unfolds, they will surely witness history.

But, who will win? Well, I have said all along that Spain was the team to beat at this tournament, and other than some early hiccups, they have looked pretty unbeatable. With Puyol & Co. shutting out opposing offenses regularly and Villa and his crew scoring at will, I think one would be hard-pressed to pick against the Red Fury. On paper, they are certainly the more talented team. I guess it is good for the Dutch that this game will not be played on paper, huh?

They could win a match played on rolling papers probably (zing!), and I also think they can win the Final against Spain. But, in order to do so, they will need to keep playing as a cohesive unit. Robben and his merry mates cannot let themselves worry who will be the Man of the Match, they need to dish and create for others just like they have the last few games. They will also need “luck”, or “destiny”, or “karma”, or whatever you want to call it on their side.

I – personally – call it fate. And I think fate favors the Dutch in this battle for global soccer supremacy. They have been a darkhorse team throughout this tournament of upsets, and I think South Africa has one more surprise in store for us before the fat vuvezala blows. I predict a 2-1 victory for the Netherlands in tomorrow’s match. Now, I am no Doc Brown, so we will all need to tune in to find out if I am correct. I will be watching the game, but I won’t be alone.

Nope, I will do it with my one billion soccer brethren all over the globe.

And brothers, let’s all hope we are treated to another majestic match.

Creative Commons License photo credit: warrenski