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2010 MLS Preview: Kansas City Wizards

Pink Wizardess
Creative Commons License photo credit: floodllama

The Side: Wizards are so huge right now. Harry Potter is tearing up best seller lists and box office records. Gandalf is still raking in some serious DVD cash for Peter Jackson. And Gilbert Arenas is… Well, most wizards are doing very well. I guess the Kansas City Wizards would have to be an exception though. Like Mr. Arenas, their recent performances have been subpar and marred by bad decisions. But now Onalfo is gone and Vermes has the reins.

The Pride: Kansas City has a team that looks good on paper, but it seems that the paper just isn’t translating to the pitch. For the first time in years, Hartman will not play GK, and I think that will hurt their numbers (both in the box score and the attendance). Fan favorite & dreamboat Jimmy Conrad is still there, but he is past his prime and prone to both injuries and mental errors. Lopez, Wolff and Kamara are strong strikers and they will need to score early & often.

The Guide: The Wizards haven’t had much magic lately, it’s true. All signs point towards 2010 being another mediocre season. Sure, the Wiz have won each of the major trophies (US Open Cup, MLS Cup, and Supporters Shield) exactly one time, but they haven’t hoisted any hardware since 2004. So, what are the chances they can pick up one of the Big Three in 2010. I don’t think they are good. In fact, I will put their odds at 50:1 despite Jimmy C’s dreaminess.