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2010 MLS Power Rankings: Week 6

MLS Power Rankings (04/28) – Last Week’s Rank In Parenthesis

  1. LA Galaxy (1): Arena covets scoreless ties on the road. I know, what a weirdo! 
  2. N.Y. Red Bulls (2): Another late PK seals it. So, maybe the refs give you wings? 
  3. Columbus Crew (4): I like the Crew’s gritty style, and I love GBS. I. Love. Him.
  4. Colorado Rapids (7): So Casey & Co. can even get it done away from the Dick.
  5. K.C. Wizards (3): It sure sucks to fall two spots when you tie an undefeated team.  
  6. Chicago Fire (10): The curse of Toyota Park is lifted. But, Wrigley is still cursed.
  7. Houston Dynamo (6): HOU loses by two and falls two spots. Kinnear just shrugs.
  8. Seattle Sounders (5): Two games, one point. Yep, Sounders were screwed @ FCD. 
  9. S.J. Earthquakes (8): SJE still can’t get it done on the road, so they sadly fall a spot.
  10. Toronto FC (13): A DeRo by any other name would not smell as sweet as Dwayne did.
  11. Chivas USA (15): So long as they can keep winning @ the HDC, the Goats still have a shot. 
  12. N.E. Revolution (9): So long as they keep losing @ home, the Revs will keep sputtering.  
  13. Real Salt Lake (11): Yes, they won the Cup last year, but they still suck away from Rio Tinto. 
  14. Philly Union (12): It was a tough loss for the Union. Strangley, I was rooting for them. 
  15. FC Dallas (14): I rooted for the Former Burn too, but they could only muster a home draw. 
  16. DC United (16): You don’t play, you don’t move. Plus, United ain’t going nowhere no how.*

* Forgive me, been @ Talladega all day and that now passes as proper grammar skills…

STO (& MFLS) Player of the Week:

Week 5: Dwayne De Rosario (TFC)

Week 4: Mike Chabala (HOU)

Week 3: Zach Schilawski (NER)

Week 2: Kenny Mansally (NER)

Week 1: Javier Morales (RSL)

My MFLS Update:

Week 5 was another strong one for The Laws of Lalas. We won our intradivisional Cup match with style (ensuring we will reach the knockout stages) and we kept climbing the chart in both the Prediction League and the Fantasy League. I made a good choice by trusting in DeRo so far this season, who was the week’s top scorer. My team had a few set backs (I’m looking at you Landon), but overall I had a very good week (the multiple PKs certainly helped)! Tough decisions still lie ahead though, and I have already decided to bring in Zakuani for Week 6. He’s looking confident now.

But, before Week 6 rolls around, let’s look at my performance after Week 5:

Out of 2,726 teams, I am currently: 

#169 in the Fantasy League; and

#73 in the Prediction League.

Here is how I stack up against the savvy managers in my historic MFLS division, USA vs. World.

Out of 30 teams, I am currently: 

#12 in the Fantasy League; and

#3 in the Prediction League.

Finally, here is my cup history for 2010:

Elite Cup: Eliminated in First Round by Ladanday Rovers FC.

MFLS Open Cup: Eliminated in First Round of Qualifiers.

Geographic Cup: Eliminated in First Round by EHS Wildcats.

International Cup: In progress. Won first and second match of Group Stage. 

My MFLS Fantasy League trophy cabinet is still bare. I have had a little success in the Prediction League though. In 2009, I finished in the Top 25 overall in the Prediction League and in 2008 I finished in the Top 50. Unfortunately, my numbers in the Fantasy League have never been as good though, and I have never finished in the MFLS Top 100. I have just missed the Top 100 a couple years in a row though, so I am hoping this is the year I can finally break through. In order to do so, I may have to listen more to me though and not let Alexi take over.

Please wish my squad luck. We’ll need it.