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2009/2010 SATO Serie A Predictions

#8:  Sampdoria

We hear at SATO believe Sampdoria will bounce back next year and become a top ten squad once again.  Antonio Cassano is among the best forwards in the league and if he can make Sampdoria a top finishing contender then it could be a very special year for the Italian star.  Sampdoria is one of our serious contenders for Most Improved Squads next season.

#7: Genoa

Expect Genoa to take a slight dip in the overall power rankings this season.  The club has a strong defense and was among the best in the league in goals allowed (39), but with the loss of Alberto Diego Milito to Inter the club will struggle to find the back of the net.  Diego Milito nearly scored half of the club’s goals last year which is a feat that new forward Crespo will not be able to match.

#6:  Lazio

Lazio is another club that is potentially a candidate for our 2009/2010 Most Improved Squad Award.  The club was among the best in the league two years ago (finished in 3rd place), but took a significant dip in the rankings last year.  With the addition of Inter’s backup forward Julio Cruz to the squad, Lazio will be much improved on offense next year.  The vet should score at least 10 goals for his new club.

#5: Fiorentina

Fiorentina has one of the strongest pairs up front of any squad in Serie A.  With Gilardino and Mutu at forward they make a tough pair, combining for over thirty goals last year.   The only downer is the club lost Felipe Melo to a rival Serie A team.  Although they did pick up Juve’s Marchionni in the deal, so at least they didn’t leave empty handed.  Unfortunately, Fiorentina was unable to add the type of players that Juve and Inter signed in the last few months.