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LLTO Wednesday WAG: Arancha de Benito (09/16)

The Beauty: Arancha de Benito (“ADB”) is surely one of the fairest Italian WAGs. I mean “fair” in all three ways it can be interpreted: (1) she’s “fair” as in “pretty”; (2) she’s “fair” as in “light-haired”; and (3) she’s “fair” as in unbiased. How would I know she is “fair” in the equality arena? Well, because she just divorced one of Spain’s biggest Galacticos, and she didn’t try and take him for all he’s worth. Then again, she doesn’t need money, she has quite a career of her own.

The Beast: The man whose marriage bliss with Miss ADB just ended is Jose Maria Gutierrez (aka “Guti”), who has played with since before I could drive. Seriously. Since Luke Perry was heartthrob. That long. He’s been with Real for 14 years. That’s 360 games, dozens of trophies, and millions (and millions) of dollars.  While Guti will probably end up being a rare “one club man”, he must not have been a “one woman man” because he lost ADB.

The Bard: She’s a newly single lady with a famous ex-hubby, so this ode’s for you ADB:

The tale of Arancha’s dance with fame begins with her career as a model and host.

But those who saw her ambition knew she would soon occupy a higher post.

She became the public’s darling when she ensnared a Madrid star named Guti.

But after several years of making love to her, Guti needed some fresh, younger booty.

So Arancha kicked him out, and later declared their marriage finito.

Watch out for her at the discos now, she’s a man-eater that Ms. Benito.