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2009/2010 La Liga Predictions

League’s Biggest Baby

It is the least coveted award in all of the LLTO Award Ceremony, the League’s Biggest Baby.  Who will win it in 2009/2010?  With all the new additions to Real Madrid it is quite possible that one addition will be the odd man out, but who will this player be?  The LLTO is not exactly sure which diva superstar will take the dive into this unpopular category, but with Beckham looking for a team around January, the midfielder is always a safe option for the Golden Pacifier.  Only time will tell, but for now let’s give it to Beckham just for the chance he might return to La Liga.

Most Disappointing Club

Real Madrid is excellent on paper, but what worries the Yank is that the club has never played together and will likely need some time before they start putting up huge numbers.  Yes this team is great and will likely be one 0f the best in the world, but when you make the record deals that Madrid made the expectations go through the roof.  Madrid is a definite second place finisher; just not the very best squad in all of La Liga this upcoming year which will be a great disappointment to Mr. Florentino Perez.

Worst Club

It’s never fun picking on a club that hasn'[t even played in La Liga yet, but that is exactly why I think Tenerife is the League’s Worst.  They finished in third place in the Segunda Division and lack the strength on offense or defense to compete on the top tier.  Also their absence from the Primera Division since 2001/2002 is reason enough to believe they will be relegated once again.