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LLTO Wednesday WAG: Pamela Diaz (08/26)

The Beauty: Pamela Diaz is a famous model, but not necessarily a famous WAG. Sure, her player of choice didn’t exactly make a big name for himself in , but Ms. Diaz was making a big enough name for both of them as runner-up @ the Miss Chile pageant in ’99. She’s also been a model, reality star, TV hostess and actress. She has accomplished almost every pre-requisite for becoming a world-famous WAG, so she is deserving of a spot on this list of ladies.

The Beast: Ms. Diaz dated and eventually married Manuel Diaz of UD Las Palmas. Sure, he isn’t a fantastic player, but he did play in Spain, therefore Ms. Diaz qualifies as a WAG on this site even though she is Chilean. Manuel’s team hasn’t competed for many major trophies in the last four decades, but he should at least be proud of his ability to procure a trophy wife. When it comes to sheer beauty and sex appeal, Ms. Diaz bests most of Spanish football’s other WAGs.

The Bard: I think “Pam” is hotter than America’s (Ms. Anderson), so here is an ode to her hotness:

Although there have been WAGs of Spanish football that make men say “damn!”

There are only a couple of chicas who elicit that phrase as often as Ms. Pam.

Mr. Diaz was attracted to her because she proved herself to be trusty.

Oh, who am I kidding, everyone knows he loves her because she is busty.

I do not know if her bountiful breasts are real or like Milli Vanilli.

But I think she should be honored as a Spanish WAG even though she’s from Chile.