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2009 Serie A Season Review: Torino

Team Overview: Torino has won seven titles with their most recent championship coming in 1975. Many pundits think the Torino sides of the ’40s were among the greatest teams in the history of Serie A, winning five straight titles. They were also the first to play a 4-4-2 in Serie A. But, this year they suffered and were relegated.

Top Performers: Rolando Bianchi tried to keep Torino above the relegation zone, but his 9 goals were too few. Allesandro Rosina also had a decent season with 5 goals and 3 assists, but his contribution was marred by a desperately bad defense. GK Matteo Sereni let 1.71 balls per game past his posts. Their defense just wasn’t solid.

Highest Highs: Torino played decently at home, finishing 7-4-8 (almost .500). Their 3-0 win over Lecce was their biggest margin of the season. Torino never really had a terrible losing streak either. They did go seven games without a win at one point though. Perhaps their best performance of the year came in their close 1-0 loss to Juve.

Lowest Lows: Unfortunately for Torino, they only lead the league in one statistic – losses. Of their 20 losses this season, 12 came away from home. In fact, they only won a single freaking away game all season. Still, they needed just more one win to have a chance to avoid relegation, but they lost one goal matches to Genoa and AS Roma.

Future Outlook: Torino is heading down to Serie B next season, but they are looking for a quick promotion back into Serie A competition. They have many needs, including a striker who can actually score (Bianchi led the squad with only 9 goals). Plus, they will need to revamp their D, who will have to definitely cede less goals than they did in ’09.