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2009 Serie A Season Review: Reggina

Team Overview: Reggina was still fairly new to Serie A competition, seeing as how the first time the Amaranto even reached the summit of Italian League Football was in 1999 (approximately 86 years after the birth of the team). But, this “bubble team” couldn’t battle its way out of relegation, and finished the season in a sad 19th place.

Top Performers: Reggina got a boost from Bernardo Corradi (10 goals) and some nice support from Franco Briezna (5 assists), but their defense was simply too porous to keep them in games. Goalkeeper Andrea Campagnolo ceded a whopping 1.65 goals per game, so he was one of the worst performers of the season.

Highest Highs: Reggina was one of the worst teams in the league, so there were not as many highs as lows. Reggina did show that they can compete with their Serie A foes with ties against Roma, Milan and Juventus, plus they only lost one of eight matches from Jan. to March. But, they didn’t win any games during that period either.

Lowest Lows: Reggina won only five games all season, so the entire season could be considered a low point for the Amaranto. They also only picked up three wins since December, and a 5-0 routing they received at Sampdoria was their ugliest loss all year. All in all, they were shutout 17 times and had a winless streak of 18 games.

Future Outlook: Reggina has been relegated, and their fans are disappointed with the squad’s performance this season. On the bright side, it is very possible they will be a top performer in Serie B next year against weaker competition. Most importantly, they need youth as Corradi is nearing retirement and he was their only scoring threat.