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2009 Serie A Season Review: Genoa

Team Overview: Genoa has typically been a team that has a history that is far richer than its recent play. They won the inaugural Italian championship in 1898, and they have won eight more since. While they are considered one of the best squads in league history, they have not won a title since 1924. But, they are playing good of late.

Top Performers: Genoa owes its amazing finish to Alberto Diego Milito, the Argentine wunderkind. He put up unimaginable statistics – 24 goals and 7 assists. Little Giuseppe Sculli also contributed with 8 goals of his own. But, other than Milito, no man was more important to Genoa than GK Rubinho, who only ceded a single goal a game. 

Highest Highs: Genoa was probably the most consistent team (other than Inter) in Serie A this year. They won two games a month every month of the season except one, and they finished the year as strongly as anyone. The club was also one of the few that had a winning record on the road. But, most impressive was their stingy defense. 

Lowest Lows: Genoa fans were despondent when the team barely missed out on next year’s Champions League. They just needed one more point at the end of they year, but they fell just short. Many late-season games ended in ugly draws too (Siena, Atalanta, Chievo, etc.), so I am sure Genoa feels like they could have done more in ’09.

Future Outlook: Genoa appears to be looking to crack the Serie A glass ceiling with big moves this offseason. Milito will be leaving for Inter apparently, so the acquisition of a striker of Hernan Crespo’s abilities is a necessary move. In addition, Genoa needs a MF like Juninho. If they can produce more goals, their ranking will continue to rise.