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2009 Serie A Season Review: Bari

Team Overview: Bari enjoyed their 100th anniversary last year, but the squad’s fans have still never savored a Serie A title. The club has bounced between Serie A and Serie B for most of its existence, but they are still looking for their first trophy at the top level. They did win Serie B this year, so they must be excited to be back in the bigs.

Top Performers: Bari was so good because Mr. Paulo Vitor De Sousa Barreto (or “Barreto”, if you are in to the whole “brevity” thing) was so dominant. On the season, he collected 23 goals, 3 assists,  and the admiration of all Bari fans. Francesco Caputo also was crucial. Finally, Jean-Francois Gillet ceded only 0.85 goals per game.

Highest Highs: Bari hit their stride in the middle of the season when they only lost two matches between December 12th and April 4th (nearly 4 months). They also ensured their promotion with a strong campaign at the end of the year. They picked up a whopping 15 points in their final 8 games and can now celebrate their promotion.

Lowest Lows: Bari is heading to Serie A, so it is hard to be too critical of their success. However, they did draw quite often this year. In 42 total matches, they drew an excessive 14 times. Sure, they only suffered 6 defeats, but next year those draws will be losses when they face much tougher Serie A competition. There’s no Inter in Serie B. 

Future Outlook: Bari must do whatever it takes to keep Barreto happy. If he were to abandon the squad, they would almost certainly be relegated next year. Even if he is there, Bari must improve on defense as well, and they must get him some durable offensive help to secure their safety in Serie A. The party is over. It’s time to compete.

And, ladies and gents, it’s also time to conclude our 2009 Serie A Season Review series. We have taken you around the league to show you each team’s history, top performers, highest highs, and lowest lows. We have also taken time to pontificate on their near future. Thanks for reading and please keep coming back to SATO for the best Serie A news, commentary and analysis on these interwebs.

Before you know it, Serie A will be back. Or at least that is what I have been telling myself…