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Italy’s Sexy WAGs: The (Flashing) Forwards

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall… Who’s the waggiest of them all? Within the culture of world football, a new term has emerged for the players’ beautiful significant others, WAGs. These Wives And GirlfriendS of soccer stars have become so popular they sometimes receive more attention in the press than their superstar boy toys. While England is renowned for its WAGs, I think another country deserves the honor of “Home of the World’s Hottest WAGs”.

Which nation? Well, Italy of course. And what separates the sexy ladies of Italy from their rivals around the world? Well, as we have seen so far during this series, it’s partly their amazing bodies. But, Italian women also have something else the girls of other nations lack. Confidence. They aren’t just sexy. They know they are sexy. So, they are not afraid to strip down and go bare ass when the occasion calls for it. And, really, what occasion doesn’t?

So, my sexy Best XI’s forwards need to be fast, so they are going to be the “raciest” of the group. Get it? Fast… Race? Maybe my jokes don’t translate across cultures. These ladies’ beauty does though, so enjoy:

The (Flashing) Forwards

Francesca Lodo: Ms. Lodo may be the most beautiful woman not in just Italy, but the entire world. After all, she was a Miss World contestant. She’s also a model. Wait a minute, she’s a reality TV host too! She’s achieved the trifecta of Italian waggishness! She looks so good, she might have done it even if she hadn’t dated Coco and Zanetti though.

Elena Santarelli: Ms. Santarelli is the best thing that has ever happened to Bernardo Corradi, who otherwise would be known as “Bernie” instead of “the ordinary player who snagged the extraordinary wife”. She’s been a model since she could walk and she hosts a reality TV show. She never was a beauty queen though. Touche, Lodo. Touche, indeed.

Martina Combari: It pleases me greatly to end this series with a photo of Ms. Combari, who I consider the “raciest” of all the Italian WAGs? If you had to guess five things that were in her bio, what would they be?

  1. She’s dated/married an Italian soccer player (Alessandro Costacurta);
  2. She’s a beauty queen (Miss Italy 1991);
  3. She’s a model (duh);
  4. She was on a reality show (yes, a show where celebrities traded places with rural folk, so she cleaned toilets while a maid modeled, and Italian goalkeeper Buffon changed people’s oil while a mechanic took penalties from the ITA MNT… no joke, it actually sounds like a good reality show, which is an oxymoron);
  5. She was in a movie called Radio Sex (which has to be quality cinema because she signed up to do Radio Sex 2 as well).

OK, so four out of five isn’t bad.

So, that’s it guys, Italy’s sexiest WAGs revealed! After seeing just how ridiculously hot these ladies are, now maybe you understand why it is so hard to score in Italian soccer. Zing! If I omitted any deserving girls, please let me know about it in the comments. A link to a picture of the gorgeous gal would be appreciated as well. Until then, keep coming back to SATO  for the best news and analysis on the global interwebs.

Or, (again) you can just keep coming back to look at these ladies’ pictures. I know I will (again and again).