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Italy’s Sexy WAGs: The Mid(riff)fielders

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall… Who’s the waggiest of them all? Within the culture of world football, a new term has emerged for the players’ beautiful significant others, WAGs. These Wives And GirlfriendS of soccer stars have become so popular they sometimes receive more attention in the press than their superstar boy toys. While England is renowned for its WAGs, I think another country deserves the honor of “Home of the World’s Hottest WAGs”.

Which nation? Well, Italy of course. Why are they the hottest? Well, because they have great bodies, especially abs, or “midriff”. According to my anatomy class in high school, the “midriff” is the area on the body between the chest and the waist. Oh, who am I kidding, I know what a “midriff” is for the same reason most of you do (i.e. modern women’s clothing designers who insist on girls having the belly button on display at all times). The midriff is all about the abs.

So, which of Italy’s Sexy WAGs have the best abs? Here are my four top choices:

The Mid(riff) Field

Ilary Blasi: Ms. Blasi (aka “Mrs. Francesco Totti”) is the leader of the Italian WAGs, and I would make her the Captain of my sexy Best XI (and my “love boat”). Before marrying one of Italy’s most famous soccer stars, Ms. Blasi was a famous model. Now, she spends her days in the lap of luxury. Man, I wish she would spend them in my lap instead.

Marta Cecchetto: Ms. Cecchetto, like Ms. Blasi, captured herself one of Italian soccer’s most eligible bachelors in Luca Toni. She’s (predictably) a model too, and I think she might have the best abs of all the WAGs on this list. She’s known as one of the WAGs who is less likely to go nude for photo shoots. But, since it’s Italy, notice I said “less likely”.

Debora Salvaggio: Ms. Salvaggio used to date Christian Vieri and Pippo Inzaghi (who I am starting to hate after doing this series and seeing how many hot ladies he’s had on his arm). Guess what she does for a living? If you said welding, you’d be wrong. Of course, she’s a model too, and a famous one at that. Why? Because of her awesome abs.

Elisabetta Canalis: Ms. Canalis, like Ms. Salvaggio, used to date Christian Vieri (who now goes on the same list as Pippo of people I want to suffer misfortune). She’s a model with an immaculate midriff, just like the other girls. I am starting to think Italian soccer stars are contractually obligated to only date models. If so, where do I sign up?

My mids aren’t just unusually hot, they’re straight-up “ab”normal. Come back next week for the conclusion of my series as I cover the “flashing forwards” who aren’t afraid to leave it all on the field. Including their clothes.