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Italy’s Sexy WAGs: The Best 11 (From Heaven)

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall… Who’s the waggiest of them all? Within the culture of world football, a new term has emerged for the players’ beautiful significant others, WAGs. These Wives And GirlfriendS of soccer stars have become so popular they sometimes receive more attention in the press than their superstar boy toys. While England is renowned for its WAGs, I think another country deserves the honor of “Home of the World’s Hottest WAGs”.

Which nation? Well, Italy of course. Now, Italian women are indisputably the most beautiful ladies in the world. Well, maybe other than Brazilians. Hmm, it’s funny that Italy would be bested worldwide in both soccer and sexy ladies only by Brazil, but c’est la vie (BTW, French WAGs are not tres chaud). Because Italian women are so incredibly gorgeous, I recently decided to pick the hottest WAGs in Italian soccer.  Now, this was no easy task.

In fact…

It was really, really hard.  

Wow, sorry about that bit of dirtiness. I don’t know what came over me. Wow, I really can’t stop doing it can I? No, I can’t. I’m helpless before these 11 beauties and I will be presenting them to you over the next three weeks. How did I pick them. Easy. I took nothing into consideration except sexiness. I am, after all, a red-blooded member of the male species. Smarts will get you nothing here. In fact, the only body part I didn’t take into consideration was the brain.

So, without further ado, here are the names of the 11 Italian sexy soccer sweethearts who I will be revealing almost everything about (and I mean almost everything, so it will be very NSFW) over the next four weeks.

(05/13) The “Baby Got” Backline:

  1. Giorgia Palmas
  2. Alessia Marcuzzi
  3. Alessia Ventura
  4. Sara Tommasi

(05/20) The Mid(riff) Field:

  1. Ilary Blasi
  2. Marta Cecchetto
  3. Debora Salvaggio
  4. Elisabetta Canalis

(05/27) The (Flashing) Forwards:

  1. Francesca Lodo
  2. Elena Santarelli
  3. Martina Combari

If I omitted any deserving girls, please let me know about it in the comments. A link to a picture of the gorgeous gal would be appreciated as well. Until then, keep coming back to SATO every Wednesday over the next four weeks to see the sexiest WAGs in Italian soccer. Then, please keep coming back once the ladies are gone for the best news, commentary and analysis on the global interwebs. Or, you can just keep coming back to look at these ladies’ pictures.

I know I will.