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2009 SATO Serie B Awards: Unlucky Clubs

                                                                           It would be a hard fought Serie B season.  There would be six different clubs that would finish the season within ten points of the final promotion spot.  Livorno’s 68 points earned was the most of any club battling for the third promotion spot in a playoff leg.  The other three opponents in the playoff wer Brescia, Empoli, and Grassato.  This is an overview of the clubs that were closest to making Serie A, but failed to do so.

Grassato had one of the best offenses in all of Serie A football this past year.  Their sixth place finish allowed them a chance to win a spot in next year’s Serie A League, if they could be the third seed, Livorno, and then the winner of the Bescia/Empoli leg.  But after winning the first match against Livorno 2-0 that bad D showed up in a 4-1 deficit that cost them the a chance 4-3.

Empoli was one of the most solid clubs all year finishing the year in fifth place and only finishing one point behind third place Livorno.  Tied with Brescia in points, the two clubs faced off in the first round of the playoffs.  The first match, played on Empoli’s pitch, ended in a 1-1 draw.  The second match would be all Brescia 3-0 finishing off Empoli 4-1 in the playoff knockout.

Brescia was considered the fourth strongest club in Serie B football this year and overall enjoyed a, fittingly, fourth best +14 goal differential for the season.   As previously stated, they handed Empoli a loss in a 4-1 aggregate win in the semifinals.  In the first match of the final against Livorno, the club could not take advantage of the home pitch and tied 2-2.  The second match away at Livorno was not even close.  Livorno went on to win 3-0 taking the aggregate win 5-2 over Brescia.