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2009 SATO Serie B Awards: Best Club

Briefly, we here at SATO will take you through the highs and lows of the 2008/2009 Serie B season.   It is important to follow the Second Division of Italian football because the best squads from the 2008/2009 Serie B season have now graduated to the Serie A level.   

Three new clubs will be joining Serie A next season.  The new clubs are Bari, Parma, and Livorno.  Congrats to those three for stepping up their game and making it to the next level.  That means three top tier clubs will be taking the plung down into Serie B as well.  Those unlucky clubs are Torino, Reggina, and Lecce. 

Like most Serie B seasons, it would be a fight to earn the right of best Serie B club this year.  It was a tough battle to remain the top club in the league this year, but Bari were the Serie B champions this season and will have their hands full as they will take home both the Serie B title and the SATO Serie B Best Club Award.

Bari won the most matches (22) of any Serie B club, shared the lead for goals (65), and conceded the second least amount on the year (34).  They were one of the strongest clubs regardless of whether they were at home or away.  But what was most impressive about Bari’s season was how much they improved from the year before.  Bari finished last year in 11th place in Serie B and two years before that they were a third tier squad.   

Bari is one of the fastest improving squads in Italy over the last few years and next year we hear at SATO wish them luck against the toughest clubs in all of Italian football.