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2009 SATO Serie B Awards: Predictions For Next Season

With the Serie B season over and the awards all handed out to their respected winners, it seems like it is about time to start predicting who will win Serie B next season.  It is a tough call because last year’s win, Bari, came out of no where and seized the title.  So you never know what club’s will surprise you next season, but here is my rankings of the six strongest squads competing for next season’s Serie B title.

Grossetohas one of the strongest offenses of any club left in Serie B, but they did have the worst D in all of SerieB.  The club needs to tighten up defensively, but with all that firepower look for them to finish in 6th place.

Leccewas a Serie A club last season, but they were the worst one in the league.  They need to rediscover their offense in Serie B which they should be able to do.  Last time Lecce was in Serie B they came in third place, but next year i don’t think they will be as fortunate and will end up in 5th place.   

Empoliwas one of the best in Serie B this year, so they should continue their winning ways on the same level next season.  The club was a Premier club the year prior to last and even came in 7th place the year before they were relegated.  So look out for Empoli although the are my 4th place team. 

Brescia is destined to be the 3rd place squad next year.   The club has recently finished in 4th.  The year before that in Serie B football they finished 5th.  And yes, the year before that they finished in 6th.  Can you say destiny?

Reggina struggled last season on the top tier of Italian football.  Fortunately, their experience in Serie A will pay off tremendously next year andthe club will fight their way back to the top tier with a 2nd place showing. 

Torino will be the best club in Serie B next year.   They have also competed for way to long on the top flight to struggle against second division competition.  The club is bitter about their relegation and look to hoist the Serie B title next year.