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2009 SATO Serie B Awards: Best & Worst Offense and Defense

Best Offense:

Bari & Parmi shared a joint-lead this year for most goals scored.  Both clubs finished off the year with 65 goals and were also the best two squads in Serie B.  Livorno, the third best squad and, and Grossetto, the sixth best, both finished one goal behind the leaders with 64 goals for the entire year.

Best Defense:

Very similar to the offensive side of the pitch, Parma was the best defensive club this year by a slim margin of victory over Bari.  Parma only allowed 34 goals to be scored all year, where as Bari gave up 35 total goals for the year.  Parma was simply unbelievable defensively at home.  The club only allowed 9 goals in front of the home crowd for the entire season.  It was one of the most dominating statistics for any club in any league this season.

Worst Offense:

Treviso and Ascoli were in joint-last place this year for goals scored and will also be this year’s joint award winners for Worst Offensive Club.  Both clubs finished the year with only 37 goals for the year.  Ascoli was able to avoid relegation despite their poor performance, where as Treviso was the worst club in the league this year, only winning 7 out of 42 matches for the entire season.

Worst Defense

Very rarely does a club perform the league’s worst at an important statistic and still do better then the league majority, but sixth ranked Grossetto who luckily had one of the best offenses this season suffered the worst defense.  The club gave up the league’s most goals this year with 66 total and the result really kept them out of Serie A next year.  Hopefully the squad can turn it around next year and continue to produce goals themselves.