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2009 SATO Serie B Awards: Promoted Clubs

It’s considered the ultimate trophy because it will last for at least one whole season, but promotion to Serie A football is a huge reason why every Serie B club gives it their best effort each and every season.  This year’s result was no different with a tight, competetive race for the top seed all year, many great clubs will have to stick around and hope to make it next season.  Every dog has his day and this year these were the three clubs that were better then the rest. 

Bari as previously awarded was the Best Squad in all of Serie B football during the 2008/2009 campaign.  They won more matches then any other team, joint led in goals scored, and most importantly led the league in most points earned by season’s end.   They improved ten spots on the total league rankings and, hopefully, continue to improve next season.  The club dominated a well balanced league and proved to truly be the best squad in Serie B this season.

Parma was among the league’s best in every significant statistic this season and was clearly the second best squad in the league.  Parma shared the joint-lead for goals scored this season and also had the number one defense and were already winners of SATO’s Best Defense Award.  The club was one of two to earn more then 70 points this year and finished the year trailing Bari by only four with a result of 76.

Livorno was able to win the playoff against Grassato and Brescia and rightfully earn the final promotion spot to Serie A football for next season.  The club impressed everyone at the end of the year and proved that they deserved to be considered the third best Serie B club in the 2008/2009 season.