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2009 MLS Season Preview: Toronto FC

The Recent Results: Toronto’s play last season reeked of a stench as bad as the notorious “red tide”. If you have never had the displeasure of experiencing such odors, I commend you for your luck. In 2008, TFC finished dead last in the East, 13th in goals scored and 9th in goals allowed. Sure, it was only their second season, but they looked bad.

The Man in Charge: John Carver controls the Reds’ fortunes and he and Big Mo Johnston have been wheeling and dealing this offseason to make TFC into a contender. I like Carver but I wonder how he and “Trader Mo” are getting along. The folks in Toronto love the team, but Mo makes so many moves I bet they sometimes wonder who is still on the squad.

On the Offensive: One person TFC fans know is definitely on the squad is Dwayne de Rosario, the Dynamo’s former star who TFC just acquired. DDR is Canadian and one of the most successful field generals in MLS history. The offense also features young star Chad Barrett, veteran Danny Dichio, and the enigmatic Amado Guevara. 

For the Defense: While the addition of DDR will help the offense, TFC has not done a ton to cure their defensive woes. Sure, Jim Brennan, Marvell Wynne and Marco Velez are all good players (and Wynne perhaps a great one someday), but they are not stifling. Plus, the battle between keepers Sutton and Edwards has never been settled.

Movie They Resemble: Despite some question marks in the defense, I think TFC is poised to have their best season ever and possibly break through into the postseason for the first time. Dwayne de Rosario is one of the most clutch players in MLS history, and so long as he brings his best to the pitch each week, the Reds will instantly be more competitive. So, which movie do I think best exemplifies the 2009 Toronto squad? Well, it’s Red Dawn, of course. Unlike the movie though, TFC won’t be invading America to make us all commies, they will just be coming to kick our ass in soccer.