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2009 MLS Power Rankings: Week 20

Week 20 (07/29)

Last Week’s Ranking in Parenthesis…

  1. Houston (1): HOU finally lost @ home, and 4 out of 5 doctors agree, they will probably be moving South soon. 
  2. Chicago (3): The Fire continued to be the best team in the league on the road by tying the stellar Sounders. 
  3. Seattle (2): A gritty defensive battle with the Fire showed SEA has heart, but they needed more @ home.  
  4. Chivas USA (4): The Goats didn’t play, so they won’t move, but they are in danger of falling out of the top 5.     
  5. L.A. (6): Oh my God. I have put the Gals in the top 5! And they actually deserve it after tying KC on the road!
  6. Columbus (7): The Crew climb one spot after defending their home turf from the Reds in an Ohio shootout.  
  7. D.C. (5): United probably do not deserve to fall 2 spots this week, but the top teams beat SJE, home or away. 
  8. Colorado (9): The Rapids rise not because they beat the lowly NYRB side, but because they did it by 4 goals.  
  9. New England (11): A huge win on the road against the Dynamo (in that crazy heat, no less) has NER rising.
  10. Toronto (8): The Reds don’t really deserve to fall two spots after losing to the Crew, but I simply hate Canada.
  11. Salt Lake (12): RSL rises this week after hanging four goals on DAL, but only one spot. It was Dallas, after all.  
  12. Kansas City (10): The Wiz drop two spots in this week of huge moves after getting only one point @ home.
  13. Dallas (13): The Former Burn were truly toasted @ Rio Tinto by Real Salt Lake, but they don’t deserve to fall.   
  14. San Jose (14): SJE sucks. They haven’t won on the road, and they are 3-3-3 @ home, thanks to a tie with DC. 
  15. New York (15): Osorio = Lossorio, with the emphasis on “Loss”. As in 15 losses in just 21 games. Wow. The saddest part? They played in the MLS Cup Final last year. Did they fall far? Nope. Just never good to begin with, in my opinion. But, when you let almost half the league in the playoffs, anything can happen. Even crappy teams with crappy coaches can string together a couple wins now and then. Well, I guess not this year for NYRB…