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2009 MLS Power Rankings: Week 9

Week 9 (05/13)

Last Week’s Ranking in Parenthesis…

  1. Chivas USA (1): The Goats are 5-0-0 at home after another win. Scary thing is they are home again this week.
  2. Seattle (2): A tie @ home against LA should drop them, but I like SEA’s style, confidence and Sigi, of course.
  3. D.C. (3): Ties are cruel when you play well away from home, but they are better than Ls, as DC knows from ’08.
  4. Chicago (4): Still unbeaten, but still can’t do enough to win. Chi-town is on pace to smash the draws record.
  5. Colorado (5): You don’t play, you don’t move. It’s always been my rule, but Colorado is making me regret it.
  6. Houston (10): The Dynamo are driving up this list due to some stellar defensive play. How high can they go?
  7. Toronto (7): Toronto has looked mediocre this year, yet they sit at 2nd in the East after tying DCU @ RFK. 
  8. New England (9): NER managed to steal a point at CHI this week, so Nicol and his mates will climb one spot.
  9. Salt Lake (8): RSL did what every team has done against CHV lately – lie down and lose, so they drop to #9. 
  10. Kansas City (6):  Not a good week for the Wiz, who trickle 4 spots down these rankings after a draw and a tie.
  11. L.A. (11): The Galaxy have tied five of the last six games. I’ll say this for Arena, if he can’t win, you won’t either.
  12. Columbus (12): The Crew finally cracked the W column! Their poor record won’t let them rise here though.
  13. New York (15): The Red Bulls got their second home win. Yeah! They still haven’t scored on the road though.
  14. San Jose (13): The Quakes didn’t just lose, they got shellacked by the pitiful Red Bulls, so they drop to #14.
  15. Dallas (14): Another loss for the Former Burn, whose nasty schedule has resulted in an away record of 0-4-1.