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2009 MLS Power Rankings: Week 6

Week 6 (04/22)

Last Week’s Ranking in Parenthesis…

  1. Chivas USA (2): The only unbeaten team in the West after Week 5 deserves the top spot, so they’re #1 now.
  2. Chicago (1): Yes, Chi-town is unbeaten too, but they fall to #2 due to their 3 ties and their poor defense.
  3. New England (4): NER now rounds out the 3 remaining MLS teams with no losses, so they again rise to #3. 
  4. Seattle (3): Another loss has them falling again, but they had to play @ CHV, so I won’t bump them too far.
  5. Kansas City (7): A gritty comeback to draw with Chicago has the Wiz trickling up these power rankings.
  6. Salt Lake (5): An ugly loss to the Red Bulls has Salt Lake slipping, but they were on the road so it’s forgivable.
  7. Colorado (6): A loss to the slumping Dynamo ensures the Rapids fall a tad, but I still like their spunk of late. 
  8. D.C. (8): United was lucky to escape with a draw at home, but they were tenacious vs. NER and on this list.
  9. Houston (13): A classic Dynamo-style grinding win (their first of the year) has them back in my list’s top ten.
  10. San Jose (10): They only got one point at home, but they stay at #10 because of others’ poor performances.
  11. Columbus (11): CMB got a much needed break, so I won’t move them pursuant to my rules. They’re lucky too.
  12. Toronto (9): Not only did they lose, but they fell to deplorable Dallas even though they scored two goals.
  13. New York (14): New York finally got a win and scored two of their three goals, so they rise one spot to #13.
  14. Dallas (15): Dallas finally got their first win too, so they deserve to rise out of the STO ranking’s basement.
  15. L.A. (12): Other than CMB, LA is still the only team in the league without a win. They may stay down here too.