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2009 MLS Power Rankings: Week 5

Week 5 (04/15)

Last Week’s Ranking in Parenthesis…

  1. Chicago (2): Sure, their point total is lower than #2 and #3 below, but they have been so darn consistent.
  2. Chivas USA (3): Chivas stayed unbeaten and moves up, but it isn’t good when you can’t score on the Gals. 
  3. Seattle (1): It was their first loss. It was the first time they were shut out. Keller got a red. It was plain ugly.
  4. New England (4): When you don’t play, you don’t move. It’s always been my rule, and I won’t change it now.
  5. Salt Lake (5): RSL looked good winning at home over DCU and I think they will be moving up this list soon. 
  6. Colorado (6): The Rapids managed to salvage a tie on the road at CMB, and Casey is continuing to produce. 
  7. Kansas City (9): KC has looked better than anyone the last two weeks. Now, can they maintain the surge?
  8. D.C. (7): DC moves down one notch for the loss @ RSL, but they didn’t look ugly on the road, which is good. 
  9. Toronto (8): Toronto should have beat the Former Burn at home, but they didn’t. That doesn’t bode well. 
  10. San Jose (12): San Jose settled for a draw at home, but showed some spunk by scoring 3 goals on the Fire.
  11. Columbus (11): They should probably be moving down after tying at home, but the Rapids were very lucky. 
  12. L.A. (13): I can’t believe LA is actually climbing the ladder after tying 0-0, but at least the defense showed up. 
  13.  Houston (10): If you can’t beat NYRB at home, you probably aren’t going to win many games this year. 
  14. New York (14): NYRB gets shut out for the third straight week and still only has one goal for the season.
  15. Dallas (15): Hey, at least they finally got a point, right? But they were lucky to get it, and they are still terrible.