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2009 MLS Power Rankings: Week 26

Week 26 (09/09)

Last Week’s Ranking in Parenthesis…

  1. Houston (1): Due to some terrible scheduling, only 6 teams played last week.
  2. Columbus (2): So, this entire Week 26 Power Rankings is an exercise in futility.
  3. L.A. (3): You see, STO Rules prevent me from moving any team that didn’t play.
  4. Chicago (4): So, basically no one will be moving this week. What a drag, right?
  5. Colorado (6): Well, not “no one”. Colorado won again and moves into the Top 5.
  6. New England (5): NER actually lost a shootout with Kansas City, so they will fall 1 spot.
  7. Chivas USA (7): But, like I said, most teams didn’t play, so they won’t move.
  8. Seattle (8): Sigi and the Seattle Sounders are probably relieved they aren’t falling.
  9. D.C. (9): DC United actually did play, but their draw keeps them in STO’s nine spot. 
  10. Salt Lake (10): Real Salt Lake didn’t play, but the US MNT did get a W @ Rio Tinto.
  11. Toronto (11): Toronto lost an important matchup, but do not deserve to fall.
  12. San Jose (12): The Earthquakes didn’t play, but they did make some interesting moves.
  13. Kansas City (14): The Wiz got a huge win, so they are one of the week’s two risers.
  14. Dallas (13): Dallas tied DC, so KC’s victory vaults them past the Former Burn.
  15. New York (15): The Red Bulls didn’t play, so they didn’t lose! Lucky them!