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2009 MLS Power Rankings: Week 3

Week 3 (04/01)

Last Week’s Ranking in Parenthesis…

  1. Chicago (3): How do you seize #1 with a tie? Do it on the road without your two best defenders, that’s how.
  2. Seattle (7): From last to second in two weeks. Wow. If they convincingly beat Toronto this week, they will be #1.
  3. Chivas USA (5): Back-to-back wins has Preki feeling good about his “no name” squad, and I like them too.
  4. Columbus (1): After back-to-back ties, Columbus has slipped from its perch. Their schedule now becomes brutal.
  5. Toronto (6): Toronto FC should maybe be even higher up. A well-fought draw and a win have them off to a hot start.
  6. New England (8): Two gutsy performances in a row (without many starters) has the New England Revolution rising up the ranks.
  7. Houston (2): A very tough loss for Houston drops them a ton and their schedule isn’t going to get any easier.
  8. Salt Lake (4):  Real Salt Lake falls far due to their loss to Seattle Sounders. But they will be at home this week, so I think they’ll rise.
  9. San Jose (15): Want to climb up quick? Beat last year’s West Champ by scoring three goals, and you do it.
  10. Colorado (14): Colorado has some spunk. A nice win in their home opener has pushed them into the Top 10.
  11. D.C. (12): Two weeks, two draws for DC United. They haven’t looked poor, but they have been mediocre thus far.
  12. New York (11): They outplayed NER for 89 minutes. But, an unfortunate tie at home moves them down again.
  13. L.A. (13): They didn’t play, so they don’t move this week in the rankings. I still don’t think too much of them.
  14. Kansas City (9): Kansas City hasn’t looked poor, but the results (2 losses) have landed them all the way down here.
  15. Dallas (10): Dallas has looked terribly bad. If not for Cooper’s 60 yarder last week, they would still have 0 goals.