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2009 MLS Power Rankings: Week 18

Week 18 (07/15)

Last Week’s Ranking in Parenthesis…

  1. Houston (1): Yes, they lost a big match to the new #2 team, but it was on the road and I still like their spunk.
  2. Seattle (3): A fantastic result against the Dynamo has Seattle trailing the lead for the Shield by just three points.
  3. Chivas USA (2): The Goats lost the Super Classico to the Galaxy despite being @ home (sort of), so they fall.
  4. Chicago (4): The Fire got a decent draw (0-0) against the Crew, but it appears Toyota Park is still cursed.
  5. Colorado (7): The Rapids looked strong @ the Dick, blanking the Former Burn and improving their record.
  6. D.C. (6): United got a much needed break from their hectic schedule, so I won’t be moving them this week.
  7. L.A. (8): Another week, another win. It’s too bad Beckham is coming back now to ruin the Gals’ momentum.
  8. Toronto (9): The Reds got a great result on the road (3-1), but it was against pitiful SJE, so they rise just one.
  9. Columbus (5): A tie on the road should not have dropped CMB this far, but their offense is just so impotent.
  10. Kansas City (10): KCW didn’t lose last week on the road @ NER, but they couldn’t score, so they stay @ #10.
  11. Salt Lake (11): RSL didn’t play, so pursuant to STO Power Rankings Rules, “ye shant moveth them, Amen.”
  12. New England (12): A tie vs. KC despite being @ home certainly hurts because the Revs are awful on the road.
  13. Dallas (13): A loss hampers the Former Burn’s good recent run. They really need Cooper to be competitive.
  14. San Jose (14): SJE got blown out @ home by Toronto. This team looks terrible and Yallop’s job may be in peril.
  15. New York (15): The Red Bulls didn’t move (despite having wings), so they will stay cellar dwellars. I wouldn’t have moved them anyways. In fact, as Bill Brasky said of his son’s death (which occurred after he entered the 14 year old boy in the Indy 500 with no driving experience): “It would have happened anyways.”