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2009 MLS Power Rankings: Week 15

Week 15 (06/24)

Last Week’s Ranking in Parenthesis…

  1. Houston (1): The Dynamo could only muster a tie with RSL, but they are still the cream of the MLS crop.
  2. Chivas USA (2): The Goats didn’t play, so they won’t move. To tell the truth, they wouldn’t have anyways.
  3. Seattle (4): Two ties, yet the Sounders move up this week. Why? Well, they were good games and DCU stunk.
  4. Colorado (6): Colorado really deserves to rise after slaughtering United without their best player, Casey.
  5. Chicago (5): I really, really wanted to put the Fire further down this week, but that would violate STO Rules.
  6. D.C. (3): A thrilling (and lucky) tie with SEA couldn’t keep DC from sliding after getting killed by the Rapids.
  7. Columbus (7): Columbus had a nasty loss to the Former Burn, but due to STO regulations, they stay at 8th. 
  8. Kansas City (8): You don’t play, you don’t move. Too bad for the Wiz because they should be number seven.
  9. Toronto (9): Ditto above. The Reds could be #8, but you don’t play, you don’t move. Alas, my rules suck.
  10. New England (10): Double ditto the above two. Hey, these rules make sense except when half of MLS is off.
  11. Salt Lake (11): RSL got a solid tie at Houston and they are starting to look like the squad some expected in ’09.
  12. L.A. (12): Although the lost to the lowly Quakes, the league tables don’t justify moving LA down this week.
  13. Dallas (13): The only team from Texas to win last week was FC Dallas, who still doesn’t deserve to move up.
  14. San Jose (14): A big home win for the Quakes is always welcome, but it was against LA without L. Donovan.
  15. New York (15): Although they managed a tie @ home, they are still the league’s worst team and in the STO Power Ranking’s basement.