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2009 MLS Power Rankings: Week 11

Week 11 (05/27)

Last Week’s Ranking in Parenthesis…

  1. Chivas USA (1): The Goats picked up a tie on the road vs. KC, and they are still the cream of the MLS crop.
  2. Chicago (2): The Fire got a win on the road, and their unbeaten streak has reached a whopping 10 games.
  3. Seattle (3): Seattle mustered a tie @ the Dick, and Sigi still is leading one of the league’s strongest squads.
  4. Houston (6): Houston has been rising in these rankings thanks to their D, and 3 goals last week was nice
  5. Toronto (8): Toronto gets the “Jekyll & Hyde” Award for ’09 so far. You just never know who will show up.
  6. D.C. (4): DCU tied, so it is a shame I am dropping them for the 2nd straight week. But, you need Ws @ home.
  7. Colorado (7): A hard fought tie with the Sounders has the Rapids staying put this week. I like their grit.
  8. Kansas City (5): A tie against the Goats shouldn’t drop you three spots, but KCW just looks mediocre.
  9. Salt Lake (10): RSL’s defense saved their bacon and eeked out a tie on the road, but they will need more.
  10. L.A. (11): LA? Rising? Ten games. Eight ties. Crazy as it sounds, they have the 2nd fewest Ls this season.
  11. New England (9): A bad result on the road for the Revs is nothing new, but it must be getting old for Nicol.
  12. Columbus (12): You don’t play, you just don’t move. I wouldn’t have swapped CMB anyhow this week.
  13. New York (13): NY lost @ home, so they should fall, but the bottom two teams are just sooooo crappy.
  14. Dallas (15): Dallas gets a second straight tie at home, but they move up this week b/c the Quakes plain suck.
  15. San Jose (14):  Ah, SJE finds its way back to the bottom after dropping another game. Their D is miserable.