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2009 MLS Power Rankings: Week 10 (05/20)

Week 10 (05/20)

Last Week’s Ranking in Parenthesis…

  1. Chivas USA (1): A tie is a poor result for the Goats, but they are still sitting pretty on the top of the table.
  2. Chicago (4): Still unbeaten, the Fire are the best squad, except the stingy Goats. They’ve been consistent. 
  3. Seattle (2): SEA got a draw on the road, but it was against an ugly Former Burn side. They need to do better.
  4. D.C. (3): D.C. also tied (see the pattern yet?), and it was on the road @ CHV, so my dropping them is criminal.
  5. Kansas City (10): The Wiz won and are now yo-yoing up and down this list because of their refusal to tie.
  6. Houston (6):  The Dymano never refuse to tie, and they did so @ NYRB. They need more offense, and fast.
  7. Colorado (5): The Rapids tied (yup, them too) due to some late Casey magic. They got very lucky though.
  8. Toronto (7): Toronto lost (what no tie?) and they did so @ home nonetheless. TOR is very unpredicatable.
  9. New England (8): NER only managed to (of course) tie COL, despite being @ home. It’s been ugly so far.
  10. Salt Lake (9): One of the few teams falling in this Week Of Ties, RSL looked sad & flat at home against the Wiz. 
  11. L.A. (11): Bruce Arena is going to break an MLS record this year. No, not wins, silly. Draws, of course. 7 now.
  12. Columbus (12): The Crew managed to get a point on the road, but it was against the Gals, so they stay here. 
  13. New York (13): NYRB eeked out a draw @ home vs. HOU this week, but they still haven’t scored on the road.
  14. San Jose (14): You don’t play, you don’t move. It’s a STO tradition & I wouldn’t have moved SJE anyways. 
  15. Dallas (15): Dallas got a tie @ home, and it was a great result for them this year. I think that alone says alot.