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2009 MLS Power Rankings: Week 2

Week 2 (03/26) 

Last Week’s Ranking in Parenthesis…

  1. Columbus (1): The Crew forced an important tie thanks to GBS. They were tenacious, so they hold on to #1.
  2. Houston (2):  HOU almost beat the defending champs, but gave up a late goal. They still hang on to #2 spot.
  3. Chicago (3):  A very impressive win for the Fire, but DAL looked bleak, so they don’t move up any here.
  4. Salt Lake (4):  They didn’t play, so I won’t move them up or down. Tough matchup with SEA this week though.
  5. Chivas USA (7): I thought this team would be scrappy, and they proved it when they held on for 3 points. 
  6. Toronto (9): A thrilling win on the road has TFC climbing this week. Only time will tell how far they can go. 
  7. Seattle (15): I sure didn’t see that coming. Accept my apologies SEA fans. Montero looks like the real deal.
  8. New England (10): It was ugly, but it was a road win nonetheless. Tip of the hat to Nicol for the big win.
  9. Kansas City (6): Losing at home when you score two goals is bad. Doing it against TFC is even worse. 
  10. Dallas (8): I think the Fire are darn good, so I can’t drop DAL too far. They need more defense though. 
  11. New York (5): Wow. No one looked worse than they did last week. No one. They’re dropping down quickly. 
  12. D.C. (11): Sure, they kind of got hosed on the handball call, but you still can’t collapse like that, even vs. LAG.
  13. L.A. (12): Landycakes may have secured the tie, but overall the Gals didn’t impress. Could be a long 2009. 
  14. Colorado (14): It was a hard fought game, but a loss all the same. I bet COL loses many games by one goal.
  15. San Jose (13): Other than NYRB, no team was more disappointing than SJE. Huckerby looked very poor.