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2009 MLS Power Rankings: Week 1

Every sports writer seems to do “Power Rankings” nowadays. I am not sure if they do it just so they always have one article a week in the bag, or if they are ordered to by some higher power (i.e. their editor).  Rather than buck the trend, I have decided to also provide a weekly MLS Power Ranking for you devoted STO readers out there to devour.  

So, here are my Week 1 Power Rankings. Note that I am doing these prior to Week 1 so they are sort of Preseason Power Rankings, but I wanted my Power Rankings for the rest of the season to match the schedule, so I opted for this method.

  1. Columbus: Sigi is gone but the Crew is still the class of MLS. I just couldn’t place them anywhere but #1 for now.
  2. Houston: I think HOU may eventually end up #1 on this list. But, they will be #2 until they can take out CMB.
  3. Chicago: The Fire could get off to a hot start this year, but I think they finish behind CMB and HOU for the SS.
  4. Salt Lake: I am putting them here to make amends for bashing them at the start of ’08. I think they’re stellar.
  5. New York: So long as Angel is healthy, NYRB will be tough to beat, but if he goes down, so will their ranking.
  6. Kansas City: Conrad & Co. need to score a slew of goals this year, or they will slowly trickle down this list.
  7. Chivas USA: The Goats are an enigma. I think they may eventually prove me wrong for putting them here.
  8. Dallas: The Former Burn will need a severe rash of good play early to blaze their way up my power rankings.
  9. Toronto: The Reds have improved greatly, but I still don’t think it will be enough to get them in the playoffs.
  10. New England: I think they will be worse in ’09 than in ’08, and I really don’t think they were that good in ’08.
  11. D.C.: I almost put United even lower here. Maybe Gomez will return them to greatness, but I doubt it for now.
  12. L.A.: I definitely wanted to put them lower here, but they have the most to prove, so I think they will improve.
  13. San Jose: They were improving at the end of last year, but I think the O still needs substantial renovations.
  14. Colorado: I think the Rapids will be very poor in ’09. Home fans at the Dick seem to be in for a long, limp year.
  15. Seattle: You have to start at the bottom, it’s tradition. Your team may suck Seattle, but at least you have one.