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2009 LLTO Segunda Division Awards: Unlucky Squads

Well their is the lucky clubs and the unlucky ones too.  Unfortunately, sometimes the gap is so small between these clubs that it is hard to say where exactly it all went wrong. They say football is a game of inches, but sometimes it much more precise then that.  These were the teams that let it slip in between their fingers.

Real Sociedad

As stated earlier, Real Sociedad is our honorary Best Defense for the Segunda Division.  usually being one of the best means that you are granted promotion, but that was not the case for the excellent defensive club.  Real Sociedad finished the year in 6th place with a wide margin of points between them and the promotion spots.  It would be a slightly disappointing result considering the club averaged giving up less then a single goal per game.

Rayo Vallecano

Ray Vallecano was a club very similar to Real Sociedad.  Both clubs were the best defenses in the league and finished in order.  Rayo Vallecano gave up one more goal then the other club, but finished a spot higher at the end of the year due to scoring 7 more goals then the rival club.  The club possessed the best away defense only allowing 18 goals to be given up for the entire year.


Hercules was truly the only club that really was unlucky.  As stated earlier they are the award winners for Best Offense, scoring an impressive 82 goals on the year.  They also had the best goal differential of any Second League squad.  But in the end despite all their dominating wins the club would come up three points short on the total standings.  Next year Hercules looks to get a little bit better in order to earn a promotion spot.