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2009 LLTO Segunda Division Awards: Best & Worst Offense & Defense

Best Offense

Hercules lived up to their name and are the rightful winners  of this year’s award for Best Offense in the Second Division.  The club scored 82 goals this season which was the most of any club in the division.  Hercules were the only club to reach the summit of 80 goals this season and were in the lead both at home and on the road.  Navarro and Delebasic were their two best offensive threats, scoring 15 and 11 goals respectively.

Best Defense

Real Sociedad did not finish the year with the result they had hoped (6th place), but the club can not blame the defense for their lack of wins.  The club allowed the fewest goals this year only giving up 38 in 42 matches.  This includes an amazing home stand of only allowing 15 goals in 21 matches for the entire year.  Unfortunately, the club could only score 48 goals on offense and suffered the consequences.

Worst Offense, Defense, and Club

It’s not often that a club can pick up the reverse treble.  Or in this case maybe we should call it the trouble because that’s all it caused.  Call it whatever cheesy name that you want it is rare for a club to be so terrible that they were the worst offense and the worst defense.  But clearly if you are both then you will also be labeled Worst Club.  Sevilla Atletico is the unfortunate winners of this reverse treble.  The club only managed to score 29 goals this year.  They conceded 89 for the year (a -60 goal differential).  Worst of all the club only earned 19 points this season.