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2009 LLTO La Liga Awards: Worst Club

Ahh yes, it is time to announce the Worst Club in all of La Liga.  Like every year in the most competitive football league in the world their were fantastic clubs and dreadful ones as well.  But being chosen to be the worst is a very demoralizing thing.  It must be how Daniel Baldwin feels on a daily basis, being that he is the least talented Baldwin in the bunch.  Then again La Liga has a lot more talent then the Baldwins ever will.  But without further delay, here is the joint winners of the award for Worst Spanish Club in 2008/2009.

  Worst Offense

It was a tight race this season to see who would score the least amount of goals, but Recreativo Huelva came out on top with a pitiful performance of 34 goals on season end.  The club was nearly beat by the likes of Diego Forlan and Samuel Eto’o personally.  And what can you really say.  The club was terrible all year long finishing the year in last place with eight wins and 33 total point earned.

Worst Defense

Sporting Gijon had no luck on the defensive side of the pitch this season and they opened up a flood gate full of soccer balls into the net by season’s end.  79 times Sporting Gijon allowed an opponent to score in league play and they easily earned the award by beating every other club by at least ten goals in total goals given up.  Fortunately, despite their Baldwinesque defense the club will remain a top tier club next season.  They somehow finished the year in 12th place.