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2009 LLTO La Liga Awards: Most Improved Player

With the unbelievable offensive production this season, it was hard to choose a single player that stood out to such a degree that they are deemed worthy of the 2009 LLTO Most Improved Player of the Primera Division.  This year it would be joint award winners and the two men that are taking home the hardware are Samuel Eto’o and Thierry Henry of Barcelona.

The two forwards brought their game to the next level this season and were a huge part of the club’s success in both the La Liga season and the Champions League.  As I have stated earlier, Barcelona had an offensive explosion this season scoring 29 more goals this year then the previous year.  The club would be the only one that was able to break the centennial mark scoring 105 goals by season’s end.  In fact the second closest offense would be Real Madrid who finished the year with 83 total goals.

The two superstar forwards were a huge part of Barca’s success this season.  Thierry Henry was coming off a frustrating 2007/2008 season in which the star player scored 12 league goals, 3 Champions League goals, and 17 total for the year.  This year Henry would double that total despite playing in two less regular season matches.  Henry finished the year with 19 league goals, 5 Champions League goals, and 36 total goals on the season. 

Samuel Eto’o had a similar road to success this year scoring a league second best 30 regular season goals, 4 Champions League goal (including one in the final against Man U), and 39 total goals on the year.  He too doubled his total from the previous season of 16 league goals, 1 Champions League goal, and 19 for the 2007/2008 season. 

Eto’o and Henry were a great combination this season and a main reason why their club was the league’s best.