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2009 LLTO La Liga Awards: Most Disappointing Club

Once again it seems like the easiest way to win a Most Disappointing Award is when you are coming off of a unusually spectacular season.  And that was the case for Villareal Club de Futbol during the 2008/2009 season.  The Yellow Submarines were so strong in 2007/2008 that any performance that was not among the league’s best would be considered a mild disappointment at the least.  Villareal should not be kicking themselves to hard though, they did finish the year in fifth place and will compete for a qualifying spot for the Champions League next season.

In 2007/2008 Villareal was considered the second best squad in the league.  An impressive result considering in 1999/2000 they were still a Segunda Division club.  But the Yellow Submarines have been one of the best squads in the Primera Division since their arrival.  Last year the club won 24 matches, enjoyed a 23 goal margin of victory, earned 77 points by year’s end, and were considered a serious contender for the La Liga title in 2008/2009.  Unfortunately, the club failed to put it all together this year.

Villareal dropped significantly in just about every important statistic this season.  The club won six less matches this year with 18 total, only had a seven goal margin of victory, dropped 12 points in the total standings, and moved three spots back in the top of the rankings. 

Again Villareal was not terrible, just not that great either.  Next year Villareal will look to improve on the disappointing result by possibly adding star Brazilian forward Nilmar to the squad.